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Urgent Freight is an automated web and mobile platform that connects thousands of carriers with freight forwarders and shippers across Europe in real-time. With our system, you will be able to make transactions easily and quickly without complications.

Ease, security, and profitability for your business.
Our freight exchange can control the entire transport process, regardless of the number of active transactions. Facilitates communication between companies and their carriers, securely improving the workflow. It saves time and money for all its users. Check now its great usefulness!

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Platform designed to facilitate logistics in the transportation industry. It optimizes, automates and increases the productivity of everyone involved in the transport process.

Urgent Freight


Increased orders
Reduced sales costs
Increased customer satisfaction
Reduction of empty transports

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We offer multiple benefits designed for the convenience of users.
Our intuitive and user-friendly platform allows direct communication between customers, companies, and carriers in real-time.

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